For youth and adults

Individual counselling is offered in the office, through telephone, or video-call. During your appointments, we will discuss your needs and work together to achieve your goals. Besides talking, arts may be integrated into individual counselling for clients who feel comfortable using creative methods of expression and communication. To learn more about my approach to counselling, please check the Approach section.



For children, youth, and adults

Sand Tray Therapy is often beneficial for clients who may feel more comfortable expressing themselves and working through challenges symbolically, using figurines in the sand tray. Clients are often able to manifest in the sand tray things that they would otherwise not be able to vocalize or address in traditional therapy. This method of therapy may be used solely or in combination with talk therapy, arts or play therapy.



For parents and caregivers

Parenting is challenging and sometimes talking to a professional may help clarify what is not working for you and your child. During a parent support session, I will listen to your concerns, ask questions to understand the situation and offer help in different ways. Continue reading...



For children 4 to 12 years old

Play Therapy provides an opportunity for children to work through behaviour and emotional challenges using their natural means of expression. Through play and arts children express their struggles and needs. Using the same “language” of play, I convey my understanding and acceptance to the child. Continue reading...

Services can be provided in English or Portuguese.